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Botanical based ingredients-Closer to nature

Closer to nature, our unique botanical ingredients in the product have the best to offer that chemical-based products normally cannot do. Our R&D expertise ensures to derive solutions from mother nature, bringing them to you in the best possible manner.

Manufacturing Expertise In Italy

In the last 3 decades, we have been passionate about innovation, manufacturing, and introducing hundreds of products in our 35,000 sqft. Unit in Italy. Silky’s product range focuses on all hair types and totally complies with the hygiene and health standards as per the standard international law.

Essential and performing

Silky’s slim, lightweight, and easy-to-use hair care range has grown exponentially to include millions worldwide – resolving daily hair problems, restoring fullness, and giving visible results in no time. Our patented technology currently has 8 different botanical-based ranges and is continuously changing what is possible to achieve healthy hair. Truly, we definitely have something specific for all your hair and scalp needs.


Silky-haircare cocktail

Unique tailor-made hair care regime for your hair

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