SILKY TECHNOBASICS by HSA is an amalgamation of 40+ years of manufacturing expertise along with the innovative minds from the hair care industry. Silky is a one stop shop for all your hair care woes.

Silky has been created keeping in mind experiences of our customers for deeper understanding of their needs and constantly working on the feedback that is provided in terms of the formulations. Silky as a brand is supremely effective right from its transparent shampoos to botanical based range which has synergy of modern technology & ingredients from the heart of mother earth.


At Zerogravity, we believe in the concept of Purity & Quality. To us Quality Products should not cost a fortune, Quality is for all. We are all about focusing on essential and performing products that deliver all the benefits as claimed and not just fancy packaging. In the light of which we bring to you SILKY TECHNOBASICS.
Each product of the Silky’s multiple hair care range from colour to finishing line to hair nutrition is designed to meet specific hair & scalp needs without dispersion between unnecessary accessory products. It’s easy to use & lightweight structure makes it a customer favourite. The formulation contains only what is needed for maintaining health of the hair with immediate effectiveness.